Emma Hill Scarves

Exquisite works of art, to be worn, cherished and collected.


   An Emma Hill scarf is intricately designed and sensuous to the touch; a collectable keepsake to be treasured and enjoyed. Like a piece of jewellery, an Emma Hill scarf is worn to make you feel beautiful and special. Emma, the designer behind the eponymous brand, uses her own original paintings that are digitally printed on to luxuries fine silk, made in England.

   Emma Hill scarves are spontaneous, fun and quirky; they celebrate the creative spirit in everyone embracing individuality. The original painting process uses a kaleidoscope of colour with layers of texture created by the application of hundreds of intricately applied dots producing a whimsical labyrinth of pattern and colour. Mystically alluring, the designs suggest an adventure into the imagination or of a dream recalled. The images hint of a memory or a feeling of something familiar but, not everything is as meets the eye. The more you look, the more you find. Slowly, over time, delicate details are discovered, recognised and cherished and, as the scarf is unfolded, the true story is revealed. 


Emma Hill Scarf Designs