Swiped Series

1 Day : 1 Year Somewhere There Is A Story To Share

   At the turn of the century, I travelled the world extensively as cabin crew for British Airways.  Equipped with my Cannon SLR and 35mm film I sought art and culture worldwide and wrote notes on my experiences. Back then digital cameras or social media were not around like they are today.

   As I look back 19 years ago what I remember distinctively is how it became apparent that art became a medium of representation and conversation, speaking within diverse cultures who illustrated and spoke  each other

   These paintings share mine, but also other people's stories. Each abstract painting in this series has a hint of a memory, a shape, echo or colour, ingrained in history. Each relates to a story; an experience written and photographed, recorded and dated back in time. In making and sharing these paintings, I share other people's stories and in doing so, I hope that you can feel and awaken your own stories within.