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French Alps

In my original writings this part was edited out. Originally I'd put it in to get the +1 in my original format. now adding the timelines I've decided to put it back in because it seems relevant. I have travelled to most European countries, some frequently more often than others, but I didn't visit during 2000-02 so I haven't included them yet, but quite likely will later. Today is Easter Sunday, for the past few years we have enjoyed Easter in the Alps and yet it is the Alps that became the epicentre of the Covid 19 outbreak, spreading  all across Europe at rapid speed.


After making a swift recovery from piercing my nail with a two and a half inch nail I was pleased not to miss out on a long weekend to the glacier of Tines, in the hope of learning to snowboard. Unfortunately I don't seem to have inherited from the Norwegian saying of Norwegians being born with skies on their feet - far from it, I'm not exactly what you would call a natural. Of course I was continually told how easy it is, just bend forward and slide, but it didn't help when my body's immediate reaction was to lean back fore the fear of the steep slope. You wouldn't have thought that I had actually skied down the men's Olympic downhill slopes in Lillehammer. I continued to persevere, I had an ultra cool instructor who was not impressed by my serious lack of process

French Alps  : 12 / 04 / 2019  

What a difference, a year to the day makes.

A I said, usually for most years, at this time of year we go to the Alps skiing for Easter. I ditched the snowboard and happily returned to my skis. I'm not great but at least I can just about keep up with the kids, and we have great fun as a family together. The images below then are from Flaine, a Piccaso'esk sculpture and an alpine scene in a bar we often visited on the slopes.

Above and below, just beside the slopes, artist unknown.

Uk: Seeking Art on Lockdown : 12/04/2020

Swiss Alps  2020

Bicicleta Semfreio (Brazil)

I'm a huge fan of street art and graffiti, and on a grand scale it feels that much more striking and alive set against the backdrop of mountains. Swiss resort of Crans-Montana in Canton Valais, the Swiss Alps, play hosts to The Vision Art Festival : Taking urban art to new heights. Here are a few of my favourites, follow the links for more alpine art and info.

Okuda San Miguel (Spain)  

Fanakapan (UK)

Street Alps Instagram link.

Swiss Alps throwback to : 1920s

Other than street art and expensive gallery - worldwide art I didn't find much in regards to contemporary painting originating from the alpine regions but I did find the wonderful artwork of a German expressionist painter, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. He was the founding member of a group of artists from Dresden who called themselves Die Brücke - The Bridge. They saw themselves as bridges, bridging the gap between the art of old and their new art of expression, inspired by the words of  by Fredrich Nietzsche who said:

'What is great in man is that he is a bridge, not a goal.'

Bridge at Wiesen : Kirchner  

Serting Valley in Autumn : Kirchner

Serting Valley : Kirchner