2000 + 20 Nostalgia, at the end of a Decade.



Wow, I'm feeling nostalgic!

Reaching the end of a decade is a perfect time to reflect and think of new beginnings. Above are my last two paintings that mark the end of this decade with a slight shift in my painting. The first is called 'Evolve', Initially I saw this as a tree of life, there are so many complex different mark makings, textures and details that somehow work in harmony. Now in the light,  I see a woman's figure, with her arms open wide which feels comforting and reassuring.


The second painting, 'Chaos' seems to echo the sentiment of uncertainty within our society at this moment in time. And yet within all the conflict of colour and texture all fighting to speak there is comfort and hope within a suggestion of an embryo form, bringing new life and wonder for all.

The last year has been a huge high but also low in regards to my own painting. I had one of my paintings transformed into three different Liberty fabrics in both Tana Lawn cotton and satin silk, I was part of a TV documentary series for the BBC 'A Day that Changed My Life,'  except nothing did really. I had a time of serious doubt and seriously thought I'm never going to paint again. In asking myself what's the point of my painting I guess like most other artists, I simply need to, because if I don't, I get a big open void of emptiness inside.  Luckily I'm back on track, painting again, I've found my happy place simply by playing with paint.

So in relation to everyone else what is the point of my painting and what have I got to give or offer?

Not a lot,  except maybe I do.

On one day of asking myself why, I got a lovely comment on a painting I had posted which said how much they loved it, but more so how it made them feel, so happy and how it reminded them of a particular time. And then the light sparked! I paint for others because I hope I can give others hope, a feeling of happiness and well being, a painting to dream into. Yes, it's in my bio, but was wonderful to have it confirmed by someone else.

What's my story?

I don't have one.

Wait, maybe I do

And this got me thinking.

In the spaces of time that I haven't been creating, in the need of filling that void, I have found great comfort and goodness, reassurance, hope and happiness in other peoples art. This year I also got my books back after 8 years in storage, a collection of art, design, exhibitions, interiors, travel, philosophy, psychology, fiction, autobiographical, classics, psycho-thiller, and art magazines,

collected worldwide.  (Although I threw all the diet books out!)

But also hidden away is my diary from 2000 - 2002, which I called 'Art Culture Vulture: Travels of an Art Seeker.' And a giant stack of random - mixed up stack of photos I took during that time.

Art Culture Vulture: Travels of an Art Seeker

In 2000, at the turn of the Century, I wasn't painting, but to fill the void I made it my mission to seek art and culture globally while I was cabin crew for British Airways. I somehow knew that by educating myself 'on the street' I would find my own way. Initially my writing was a way to document my travels and experiences and while doing so to give an impression of art globally held within a segment of time, from a different perspective, not from an art critic or within the Art establishment but from a 20 something year old who simply loves art.

Looking back at it now, I realise that my thoughts and belief's are very much the same today as they were back then.

Which brings me back to :

What's my story?

It's the same as it has always been:  A collection of other peoples stories.

In my searching for art to find my own I wrote:


There are no conclusions to any writing, instead it has become a continuous journey of searching. Globally relationships between societies with cultural differences have embraced each other Worldwide. Many countries became hosts to others, interested in promoting a country that is very different from their own, creating cultural awareness and understanding, connecting all walks of life. As I play catch up on my writing, the evidence of my experiences would indicate that the world has been brought closer together, becoming united. From the people that I met  and the increasing development of technology, connecting the remotest of people together would indicate this is becoming easier by the day,

I now spend my time painting my own pictures drawing from inspiration that has come to me while travelling and seeking other people's art.

(And in the un-edited version: : Today the World is in a state of uncertainty as we stand, 'Shoulder to Shoulder,' with America and go to War with Iraq, in an attempt to irradiate Sadam, a war to be fought in order to secure World Peace. Nobody could ever know what will become the consequence of such actions. The future will tell, we can only hope and believe. )


The above was written in a time when there wasn't any social media or smart phones. My internet connection at home was hopeless, it would take about 15 mins to dial up, so I didn't bother using it. Google and Facebook weren't available until 2004. Back then I traveled, explored and connected with people real time and it was an amazing adventure. As an artist today I feel that maybe that is part of what I am meant to be doing: Interacting, connecting and sharing stories, my own but in doing so, connecting others and sharing their stories.

This blog will take you through my artist journey while sharing art I love. At the core i'll be working through my journal of 20 years ago and then introduce my own art , but also other people's art that has made a great impact on me today.  

I'm excited to what 2020 will bring,

In this I hope to share with you a love of art and in doing so share hope and happiness.

My 24 year old self receiving my wings for British Airways who I'm eternally grateful for

My 24 year old self receiving my wings for British Airways who I'm eternally grateful for, my 'Art' education.

Lucid Moonlight , Liquid Sun

These are my first two paintings I made after writing my journal,

  represented by New British Artists.

Pink Sock, Soda Pop!