Paintings to Dream into and be Happy

My abstract paintings are raw, self-expressive and contemporary,

 blurring the lines between impressionism and graffiti. 

  My abstract paintings are spontaneous and intuitive, expressive and emotionally charged. Each picture begins with a single brush stroke, starting a conversation. A streak of turquoise leaps above a squiggle of parchment and lilac beside a glimpse of fluorescent pink. Prussian blue drips like pouring rain and brilliant white miniature dots, light up like stars. Gradually layers of colour build phrases of optimism. Inspired by nature; brush strokes grow, constantly explore, entwine and then separate and die.

  Working on a large format enables a sense of freedom, to get lost within the picture. The painting process follows a journey into the unknown. In taking risks and trusting my intuition, I embrace uncertainty and vulnerability, allowing the accidental to become the structural core. Markings are made, painted over, wiped off and layered over.

  Influenced by the sky and the sea, a painting is given meaning and becomes complete by engaging the imagination of the viewer, who recognises something for themselves. In that moment, a glimpse of the figurative or a hint of a memory begins to form, shapeshifting and disappearing deep into the clouds or ocean. 

   My artwork aims to create paintings to dream into where we can be happy just to be. Constructing an intuitive world to get lost into, somewhere beyond our vision, past the horizon, between the sky and the sea. A place to return and revisit, to explore and rediscover and while immersed, losing and finding yourself for a moment in time. 

 Creative Journey

  I paint at home in Surrey where I live with my two daughters, Daisy 14 and Iris 11 and husband, Giles.  I am half English and half Norwegian and graduated  from the University off East Anglia with a double honours degree in Art History and Scandinavian Studies. While I have no formal practical training in art I consider myself, self-taught, my ‘art’ education is based upon 8 years of intensive searching for art and culture during my days travelling worldwide as cabin crew for British Airways. My painting journey began after leaving BA while having children. For 8 years I successfully sold my art represented by New British Artists taken on as their ‘wild card’ at the London Art Fair. Since 2010 have been employed as an art instructor/ manager at Arthouse Unlimited, a charity working with artists living with complex epilepsy and learning difficulties, in our shop-studio based on the highstreet in Godalming, Surrey. 

  While renovating our home I took a 3 year break from painting pictures enjoying the pleasures of DIY, painting walls, doors and ceilings instead. Now the house is almost complete, I am painting pictures again. I have started working with a fresh new style feeling liberated and energised. I am delighted as Liberty of London have recognised my artwork's potential and have selected me as a Liberty Open Call Winner! I will be working with their designers to transform my painting 'Graffiti Summer' into a repeat pattern, becoming printed into iconic Liberty fabric while also becoming documented within their historical archives. I have also been chosen as one of the finalists to follow for a BBC documentary following the Open Call process, to be aired in autumn 2019.


  I’m like a sponge inspired by everything around me, It could be anything that catches my eye within colour and patten, cultural or otherwise hiding in the simplicity and mundane of the every day. Mostly i’m inspired by nature, its repeat in pattern, the colours and changes of seasons but predominantly i’m intrigued and fascinated by the sea and the sky, Although I don’t live by the sea I feel instantly drawn to it, the sheer strength and power of it followed by calmness. The same could be said for weather changing, while looking up to the sky. I like the fact that the sea and sky constantly change, how momentarily you can catch a glimpse of a memory and recognise something and the next instant it has gone. There is a vastness to it all, where you can see nothing else in every direction but the sea and sky, feeling so small  and insignificant. The sky and the sea excite me, I don’t think I will ever get bored of photographing and experiencing their changes. Recently I’ve become inspired by my feeling, trusting intuition creating something out of the unknown to me but there underneath, subconsciously.