Paintings to Dream into : Sharing Love with HeArt

   Emma Hill is an abstract artist based in Surrey. Her paintings are spontaneous and intuitive, expressive and emotionally charged.
 " My painting explores my memories and experiences of nature : of the sea, the sky and landscape. Instead of following the traditional means of recording by recognition, my use of colour and texture documents my senses. The energy of my mark-making expresses my emotional feelings and associated memories of a time and a place, holding the true essence by creating a visual dreamscape.
    My artwork aim is to create paintings to dream in to, constructing an intuitive world where we are happy, just to be. Each painting is complete and given meaning by you, the imagination of the viewer. "


   In 2019 her artwork 'Graffiti Summer' was celebrated and  transformed into iconic Liberty fabric collections, printed in both Satin Silk and Tana Lawn, while also documented and kept within their historical archives.

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